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Therapeutic Methods


Traditional European techniques - increases circulation of blood and Lymphatic systems; long gliding strokes give deep relaxation read more...

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow deep movements concentrating on tense deeply blocked muscles read more...


Reflex points in feet, hands and ears - pressure triggers response to increase energy flow; aids in overall body functions read more...

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Thai Massage

A type of massage or assisted yoga that involves stretching and deep massage wherby recipient changes into pajamas and lies on a firm surface and the massage giver leans on the recipient's body using hands and forearms to apply firm rhythmic pressure to almost every part of the receiver's body read more...

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Aroma Therapy

Swedish plus essential oils penetrating to cellular levels - promotes healing of muscle, joint, cell and skin disorders. This is offered with Swedish and Deep Tissue - no extra charge.

Hot Stone (Rock)

Flat stones heated in water - promotes relaxation and pain relief; hot towels added for even deeper relaxation. This is offered with Swedish and Deep Tissue - no extra charge.

Reiki / Energy Work

A therapy based on universal life energy that serves to align chakras and bring healing energy to organs and glands. Utilizes visualization as practitioner acts as a channel for the life energy.

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Therapeutic Methods
Everyone has a different reason and expectation for getting a massage session. On this page we provide you with the common therapeutic methods of massage so that you can make a decision before coming in. You may prefer to combine the methods to different areas of the body depending on your needs.

Jessica Peach, LMBT,
Medical Reiki Master and Healer
NC License No. 3432
ATMA Registered